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By: Nipple Me Elmo


Each host has their own way or style of playing. I have seen 3-MAN played at football games in a cup, I have seen 3-MAN played on a kitchen table with 20 people, I have seen different versions of 3-MAN all over. This is the way I play and does not mean that the game cannot be changed or altered as you see fit, traditionally, the bringer of the dice are the rule makers.

These are my thoughts as I remember them.

 What you need-

·      2 six sided die.

·      A large amount of your beverage of choice, for instructional purposes, we will call it BEER

·      Something to roll the dice in or on. To contain them and define the field of play.

·      People to play with  (dogs/goats/cats are not as much fun, but offer better odds of getting some)


They, being people, do not have to be friends. It does make the game more fun, I do not suggest playing with mortal enemies. You can play with the voices in your head but it’s not near as much fun as watching you play with the voices in your head.

Starting play-

·      One die is passed around the playing field, clockwise, until someone rolls a 3.

·      The person who rolls 3 first, is designated the “3-MAN” and is ridiculed from that point on.

·      The 3-MAN then passes the die to the next person in rotation who takes both dice and starts to roll.


3-MAN is a generic term and the name of the game.

Do not feel left out if the term “man” does not apply to you, You can still be 3-MAN. Please do not start calling a woman the 3-WOMAN. That is not 3-MAN, that is 3-woman and cost $40.00 in Thailand


After the 3-Man has been identified. The person with the dice rolls the dice and continues to roll as long as they make someone drink. This includes yourself, if you make you drink then you can continue to roll. When you no longer make someone drink, pass the die to the next person.

Making someone drink-

As you roll both die you will give out a number of drinks associated with what you roll (see below), TO ANYONE playing.


Any 3 rolled

3-MAN Drinks. All Yell 3-MAN!


3-MAN Rolls both dice and drinks number shown. All yell 3-MAN!

any double

You can chose to split the amount between 2 people or you can assign all of them to one person. All Yell Doubles!

Any 7

The person to your left drinks. Yell 7 to the Left!  **

Any 11

The person to your right drinks. Yell 11 to the Right! **

Double 3

3-MAN drinks twice and you can pass the other 6 out as normal doubles. Yell 3-MAN Drinks twice!



A social drink is when EVERYBODY playing picks up their container, brings them to the middle, then around their head, then in the middle again, and drink.

When performing a “social” you will chant as loud as possible “SOCIAL! In the middle, around the head, in the middle and down…”

If you are caught not performing the ritual as described you must pay the fine of one drink and demonstrate the ritual all by yourself.

Die fall off or out of

the throwing surface

The offender will drink the number shown on the die when it stops. Someone else needs to verify the number because you are a cheating asshole if no one else sees it.

**- The term left or right is not dependant on which way the dice are passed for normal play. Left is Left and Right is Right, if you have any problems ask someone. That is how you meet new and interesting people.

No rules rule-

When playing 3-MAN, if you roll <x> number of times you do not get to make a rule. Thumb-master, show your chest before you drink, no saying drink, drank or drunk... Those are for slower games like quarters and bullshit. The fun of 3-MAN is the act of rolling, yelling, and getting drunk off of your ass, not to win some Vegas style roll off against everyone. Some hosts choose to allow the “after 6 rolls you make a rule” rule. I, traditionally, do not.

Passing of 3-MAN-

If during the 3-MAN’s designated roll they roll a 3, follow the following:

·      The 3-MAN’s roll stops

·      One die is passed around until a new 3-MAN is found (see “starting play”).

·      It is now the next person’s turn. Sorry 3-MAN, your turn is terminated as soon as you rolled a 3.

·      When rolling for 3-MAN, the 3-MAN rolls in line with everyone else they are not exempt from rolling.

If during their designated roll the 3-MAN rolls a 1+2, then he/she is exempt from rolling for the new 3-MAN and the steps above are followed while they laugh and most likely pass out.


If the 3-MAN drops the dice or has to roll for any other reason than their turn and they roll a 3, this does not count for anything other than the value of 3. They are still 3-MAN! They have to roll a 3 on their designated turn to pass it.

Defining a drink-

The amount of beverage consumed is up to the individual.

A drink consists of the container, we will call it a CUP, touching the mastication interface (mouth).

An amount of beer is consumed.

The cup leaves your lips.

That is ONE.

You drink until the required drinks are paid IN FULL!!

The rolling of the dice does not stop while you pay your drinks; you are on your honor.


Don’t get caught not taking the cup from your lips. Those gulps only count as one.

You will have to drink more.

End of game-

You usually pass out before 3-MAN is actually finished being played. The game can end any time you deem fit.


Nipple Me Elmo


Hash Trivia


1. The Founding members Of the Hash included:

Cecil Lee, Frederick "Horse" Thomson, Ronald "Torch" Bennett, Albert Stephen Ignatius "G" Gispert, John Woodrow, E.J. Galvin, Malay Mail, H.M. Doig.

2. The Constitution of the Hash as recorded on a club registration card dated 1950:

To promote physical fitness among our members

To get rid of weekend hangovers

To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer

To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel   

3. Apart from the excitement of chasing the hare and finding the trail, harriers reaching the end of the trail would be rewarded with:

 beer, ginger beer and cigarettes

4. Name the three Non-countries that have Nash Hashes.

Bali, Texas, and Borneo

5. According to Ronald "Torch" Bennett, Was “G” an athlete or geared more toward the drinking aspect of hashing?

 Gispert was not an athlete, and stress was laid as much on the subsequent refreshment, etc., as on the pure and austere running. It was non-competitive, and abounded in slow-packs. Life was then conservative rather than competitive. 

 6. According to “Booger's Guide to Haring” ©1999 What are some of the responsibilities of the Hares?

 Laying a challenging, entertaining trail

Hares sweep trail when hashers are overdue, Provide for water or beer stops along the trail.

Find a suitable on-after restaurant or pub    
7When/where did hash names start and give a reason

 The widespread use of hash names can be linked to Jakarta H3 in the early seventies when ‘secret names’ were adopted in the newsletters to hide the activities of runners from wives, girlfriends, and bosses. 

8. Where does the name Hash House come from?

 The name was taken from the local nickname for the Selangor Club.    

9. How has Hashing grown over the years?

1986          555 Hashes known in 85 countries

1988          700 Hashes known in 125 countries

2000          1570 Hashes known in 184 countries  and still growing

 10. Who was at the first Official Alamo City Humpin' Hash?

$2.00 late fee
Bend Me Over the Pewey
Dead Lay
Kinky Kung Pow
Little Red Whorvette
May the Foreskin Be with You
Mayor of Bootytown
Mosses Is Pissed
Nipple Me Elmo