Alamo City Humpin' Hash 

Where spitters get spankin's

Alamo City Humpin' Hash Chalk Talk

Trail Markers

Either Puffs of flour or Chevrons- These marks tell the Hasher that a hare has been in that direction. This does not mean you are on true trail.

Indicated by 2 blows of the whistle or yelling ON-ON!

True Trail

This is the correct way to go, follow these and you can never get lost.

Indicated by 3 blows of the whistle or yelling TRUE TRAIL! 


These are true trail marks, you are on true trail all the way up to that point. Once you reach an intersection, trail can go off in any direction from there.

Once you figure it out it is traditionally nice to mark it for the ones behind you. This helps keep the pack together and keeps the walkers from coming in WAAAAAYYYYYYY after the FRB's (Fucking Racist Bastards). Considered a common courtesy.  There are NEVER intersection on a bad trail only on true trail.

Indicated by 4 blows of the whistle or yelling INTERSECTION or CHECK 

Bad Trail Marks

Bad trail marks are typically seen after an intersection. These marks mean that you have gone the wrong way and need to go back to the last intersection and figure out the correct way. Extremely long bad trails can be marked with YBF, You've Been FUCKED. These are usually found at the bottom of a long hill or other easy to go down but difficult to go back up areas. There are NEVER intersections on Bad trails.

Indicated by Yelling BT! But most commonly by yelling "YOU FUCKING HARES"

Check Back 

At a check back, next to the check mark there will be number. Go back that number of trail marks and the last one becomes an intersection. find trail from there.

Indicated by yelling CHECK BACK and then the number (CHECK BACK 3!) 


Beer Check

These are Fucking Awesome. A beer check is where the hare was kind enough to bring some tasty cold beverages on trail and provide mid-trail libations for the pack.

Indicated by people sitting around enjoying a beer 

Beer Near

When you see this mark you are within 100 meters of the end and there is only true trail from this point on.