Alamo City Humpin' Hash 

Where spitters get spankin's

Next trail: 15 October 2017 at Casa del Tossin' y Prayin'. Check the calendar for details.
Welcome! ACH4 is a non-competitive trail running group located in San Antonio, Texas. Our trails are short and kid-friendly; circle is not, so children are sent inside for juice and a movie. Meetings are typically hosted from a member's house.

We do trail Sundays at 11 AM. The hare is picked at 11:30ish with pack away 5 minutes later. These are 100% live, unplanned trails.

We try to keep the trail under 3 miles and encourage walkers. The end will be the beginning, so no one should get lost.

Circle closes by 2:00 PM.

What to Bring

  • $5.00
  • A flashlight
  • Your singing voice
  • A piece of chalk
  • A chair
  • A whistle
  • A headband if you rate
  • Hashing attire
  • A healthy, up-beat, groovy attitude

What to Expect

Short Trails and Loooong Circles!

At 11:30ish we circle up and play a quick round of Spin the Bottle. The winner gets to hare!!
We conduct Chalk Talk, where we teach the pack what trail marks they can expect to see. We then give the newly-appointed Hare a bag of flour, chalk, and engineer tape to lay trail and send them on their way. They get a 5 minute head start. We do a quick warmup, then it's Pack Away!

If the Hare is Snared, the 'Catcher' gets the flour and becomes the new Hare. When everyone gets in we circle up. The children are sent inside, we draw the shades, and get to the Down Downs.

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Note:  No persons under legal drinking or smoking age will be allowed to do so.