Alamo City Humpin' Hash 

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The Alamo City Humpin' Hash

A non-competitive trail running Group located in San Antonio, Texas. 

We are an adult oriented group with unrehearsed, live, Hashing trails of 1-3 miles.

Meetings are typically hosted from a members house


We do trail Sundays at 11 AM.

The hare is picked at 11:00 AM with pack away by 11:10.

These are 100% live, unplanned trails.

 We try to keep the trail under 3 miles and encourage walkers.

The end will be the beginning, no one should get lost.

Circle closes by 10:00 PM 

What to Bring


A flashlight

Your singing voice

Piece of Chalk

A Chair

A Whistle

Wood for the fire

A headband if you rate

Hashing attire

A healthy, up-beat, Groovy, Attitude

What to expect: "Short Trails and Long Circles"
At 11:00 AM we circle up and spin the bottle. The winner gets to hare!!
We give the Hare a bag of flour and chalk to lay trail and send them on their way. They get a 5 minute head start. 
If the Hare is Snared: The 'Catcher' gets the flour and is the new hare.
When everyone gets in and we circle up.
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*Note*  No persons under legal drinking or smoking age will be allowed to do so.